“McLane’s” Student-Based Cafe Coming Soon!


Hayley Bannister

Macie Clark, Logan Thompson, and Mikey Carey prep a batch of chicken dip for the grand opening of McLane’s.

Macie Clark and Therese McCarthy

  McLane’s is a food service served by the Life Skills and Autistic Support rooms, at General McLane High School, that is serving students and teachers, starting on February 20th, 2019.

Mr. Krizanik, the high school Autistic Support teacher said, “McLane’s is the life skills and autistic support club/activity group that will be making foods consisting of baked goods and appetizers, chicken wing dip, pepperoni balls, and walking tacos.”  These foods are snack foods aimed at selling to students.

   The first day that McLane’s is serving food is February 20th, 2019 during activity period. Mrs. Oathout, the high school, Life Skills teacher said, “To start we will probably do it once a month during activity period, but we will hopefully do it more than that, maybe every other week.”

McLane’s is giving students the chance to practice math skills, planning, and serving food to GM students. Oathout said “We want to practice money skills, math, planning, serving food, and making money while interacting with kids around GM.”

This food service used to be more centered around teachers, when it was called “Lancer Bob’s”.  Now, it is more centered around students. Krizanik said,”It kinda like Lancer Bob’s but this time it will be more student centered.  It will be served in room 107.”

 The teachers and students plan all elements of the food service, but the students are the ones mainly in charge. “We have three different teams. Ms. Concheck, she’s the one that makes all the logos.  Team Krizanik, he gets the word out to the school. Myself, and Therese, we are the ones who price the food, do the groceries, plan out what the menu options. It’s a club ran organization that we do,” said senior, Mike Carey.

McLane’s will be serving Buffalo Chicken Dip during activity period in room 107. The cost will be $1 for a single serving and $5 for a shareable serving size. Plans are still in the works for how students will get to attend McLane’s.

Life Skills and Autistic Support students are hoping that McLane’s will be a big success with large turn out. Senior Aaron Stawicki said, “McLane’s is a new store or restaurant where you get some nice food and some snacks.”