Public Opinion on Public Displays of Affection


Mackenzie Goss

A couple embraces outside of GMHS.

Madison McLaughlin, Reporter

   Do you notice overly affectionate couples in the hallways? A public display of affection, or  PDA, can not only be uncomfortable but can also be frustrating when there are people blocking your locker by making out.

   GM has a fairly strict policy on PDA found in the student handbook, but it is rarely enforced.  The schools policy on PDA states that if students are showing affection in the hallways that, varying on the seriousness, they can receive an after school detention.

   In general, PDA isn’t a big deal or a big worry in the school, but that doesn’t make them any less uncomfortable or annoying for students and teachers. Technically, PDA ranges anywhere from hand holding to full on making out. Freshman Lyric Shaw defines PDA as, “Some form of affection between a couple that you cringe at or get grossed out by.”

    Most agree that holding hands and hugging are fine, but some students take it too far.  “Holding hands is one thing, but there is no reason to play tonsil tennis in the hallway.  It just doesn’t make sense,” commented sophomore Taylor Dowlen.

Freshman Paige Miller agrees.  “I get uncomfortable when people start full on making out in the hallways at school.”

PDA attracts a lot of unwanted attention if a couple is at the point of making out or giving each other shoulder rubs in public. Senior Helena Fahey says, “It’s awkward to walk down the hall and see a couple with their hand in each others back pockets.”

      It makes more sense to avoid the stares and uncomfortable sideways glances by simply showing your love somewhere other than school. “The corniest thing ever is when kids kiss before class.  It’s an 85 minute class. It’s not war,” stated sophomore Liam Mercurio.

    PDA makes adults uncomfortable too, and teachers do notice what happens in the hallways. “It makes me want to vomit profusely,” stated Mr. Gilbert, who reported he has written students up for PDA. Mrs. Thompson added, “I hate it. Make enough room for Jesus!”

Make sure to be aware of your actions because you don’t want to be one of those people who are remembered for blocking lockers and making everyone uncomfortable.  Sophomore Chandler Villanueva offers some parting advice: “Don’t get jiggy in the halls.”