Student Council Seeks Mr. GM Participants

Student Council Seeks Mr. GM Participants

If you know a friend, boyfriend, brother, or any male you think is funny then encourage them to join the 2019 Mr.GM competition. “Mr.GM is a male beauty pageant to raise money for Shriners children’s hospital,” explains Student Council President Aida Shadeck.

         Every year the GM Student Council choreographs the pageant and is currently encouraging any male students to join the fun filled show taking place on April 17. The pageant consists of different acts each contestant has to perform in front of the crowd and judges. The acts consist of talent (or just some kind of amusing act), swimwear, and formal wear (suits are provided to all contestants.)

         The overall goal of Mr. GM is to raise money for Shriners Children’s Hospital, while having a good time and entertaining a student audience. Contestants are encouraged to raise as much money as they can for Shriners Children’s hospital before the pageant. The more money you earn, the better your chance of winning!

        Last year’s Mr. GM, Logan McFadden encourages contestants to, “Find creative ways to raise money, like I sold cookies last year and you can volunteer to do funny things to help raise money.”

         Anyone considering participating but worried about the time commitment should rest assured.   “It’s pretty big commitment during technical week and during raising money,  if they get enough into it, but it is only about two to three weeks of work with a big pay off and is super fun,” Shadeck commented.

      Participants can also practice to perfect a lot of the show on their own time at home. McFadden commented that it was “100 percent” worth the work.

     There are three winners by the end of the night that the teacher judges select. The first place prize is two tickets to prom and a $25 gift card to a restaurant of the winners choice, Second place prize is one prom ticket, and the third place prize is a $25 gift card to a restaurant of the winners choice. In the past, Mr. GM was advertised as a junior and senior event, but is open to all GM grade levels and male students. The prizes will vary if an underclassmen wins (since prom is for juniors and seniors only).

     Shadeck describes the night of the pageant as “high energy” and states, “We have a lot of dedicated people working backstage, on sound, and lighting, but you also need a good audience for sure. It is super important that the student body is involved.”  

        “There are few opportunities to have as much fun with making a big impact on people and Mr. GM is a great thing to be apart of as a student and representing the school. It’s a good opportunity to be a charitable person,” Shadeck continued.

        Student Council is doing all they can to make this year’s show great.  They hope that the student body reciprocates with their participation.  Sign up sheets are available on the bulletin board by the cafeteria, with Mr. Haise, and in the office.

McFadden offered some great advice to anyone who does take the plunge and becomes a contestant, “Have fun. Don’t expect to win but hope to win at the same time.”