Jeff Veley Assembly

Therese McCarthy and Macie Clark

On Tuesday, February 26, Jeff Veley, an award winning youth motivational speaker visited General McLane School District to speak to students and parents about bullying.  Veley’s message was one of empowering students to be resilient and deal with bullying in a positive manner.

In the assembly, Veley addressed the many definitions of bullying.  

“It’s important for everybody to hear the message because he wants students to be able to be resilient and to have tools to deal with bullying on their own,” stated Associate Principal Mrs. Mackowski.  “The word bullying is an ambiguous term, when students are encountering a difficult situation students need to be specific about what’s happening so they can clearly tell us and we can step in if needed.”

Students were receptive to Veley’s message.  “I thought it was really inspiring for him to talk about his personal experience to connect with the kids more,” stated Sophomore, Aralyn Lewin. Senior, Khadija Mganga said, “The assembly was good, I think people that bully others could learn a lot from it.”

Mackowski also thought Veley’s educational message was meaningful for students to hear. “I thought he had a good message, I think it’s important for students to know how to handle situations on their own.  It’s always good that they come and talk to an adult when things are happening, but it’s always good for them to have tools to manage things on their own.”

Thanks to Dr. Coughenour for planning his visit, Veley was able to spend the day with students of all ages, and his message can help students in need.