Feminism For A Change



Ainsley Ames, Writer

   Feminism.  The social, political, and economical equality of genders. The name itself can cause an uproar to some and empowerment to others. Those who are uneducated on the meaning behind feminism are quick to judge and create issues. Often times, it is seen as a superiority of women, or a hatred of men. But that statement is far from reality.

   Although there has been vast improvements with equality and women’s rights, feminism is still very relevant and needed. Without feminism and empowerment, this world would be living in a supremacist state of mind. Famous feminists often push for women to seen as non-sexulized beings, and to be taken as seriously and as powerful as men are.

   One particularly famous feminist movement is the Seneca falls convention. This convention was the first historically known women’s rights convention, held in New York in 1848. From here, we got the famous lines “We hold these truths to be self evident; that all men and women are created equal” from abolitionists such as Elizabeth Cady Staton and Lucretia Mott.

   Feminism can come in all forms, no matter how big or small, but when women speak out on the topic, they are often times criticized and made out to be irrational. “They (women) are seen as aggressive when they speak out, and men are seen as powerful,” stated senior, Rachel Steiner. There is often times a stigma around strong women and weak men. Men are told to be strong, emotionless, and masculine. Whereas women are told to be feminine, quiet, and submissive. Those who break out of the gender norms are more likely to be bullied or frowned upon, causing an atmosphere of toxic masculinity and femininity.

   Toxic masculinity is one of the biggest issues in today’s society. Men can wear nail polish, express their emotions, and break the barrier of dominance without being “wimpy”. Breaking the stereotype of having clothes for women and men, can broaden so many horizons. An honorable mention for breaking gender norms is famous artist and activist, Frida Kahlo. Frida was a famous Mexican artist who made self portraits and other paintings that broke stereotypes as well as pushed the idea of not sexualizing women’s bodies.

   To conclude, women and men alike should be seen as equal without stereotypes. Feminism should be seen for what it is, not what it’s believed to be. Women aren’t to be seen as weak, overly sexulized beings.  Similarly, men aren’t to be seen as always strong, masculine beings