Boys Co-op Volleyball Makes its Debut


Peyton Scheuer

Boys, do you feel left out because GM doesn’t have a boys volleyball team? Well this spring GM and Fort LeBoeuf decided to combine together to form a co-op boys volleyball team. Most boys tried out because they like playing volleyball in gym class, so why not play competitively for a school team?
Tryouts were March 4 – March 8. About 10 to 20 boys were initially interested and attended the informational meetings and open gyms, but not all made the cut. Currently five boys from GM play on the team, sophomore Daniel Bruce, freshman Colby Freyermuth, junior Nate Jones, senior Dylan Mroz, and freshman Logan Swift.

Practices are after school at FLB high school, and are from 7-9 p.m., 5 days a week. Athletic Director Rob Kennerknecht made a good point that, “We are full with baseball, softball, and track and field. It makes sense to go to their school because they already have the practice set up.” Boys on the team have to find their own rides to FLB for practice. Most the guys drive themselves. The travel really hasn’t been an issue with Bruce stating, “I think it’s fair for practices to be at both schools.”

The boys first tournament was March 23, but their first actual game was March 26. Both the J.V. and varsity teams have a current record of 3-2, with the varsity squad also playing in two tournaments. The GM members report enjoying their experience on the team. “I’m glad I joined the team and all they guys are super cool,” Mroz stated.

On Thursday April, 18, there was a glow dance after the home game at FLB high school which was open to all GM students that attended the game. It was a great opportunity for these two rival schools to come together and defeat a common enemy, Cathedral Prep. The game was a blowout and after the exciting game, students from Fort LeBoeuf and General McLane went to the cafeteria to celebrate the victory and new co-op.

Boys Volleyball isn’t GM’s first cooperative sports team. A girls lacrosse team as well as a girls water polo team was established in conjunction with Fairview and Girard during the 2016-2017 school year. The co-op teams give students the opportunity to play a team sport that an individual school may not have enough interest, space, or money to support.