GM Trap Team: Busting Clay


A member of the Trap Team takes aim.

Chad Hoehn , Reporter

Ryan Kulka
Trap Team logo

   This is the first year of the GM Trap Team. Trapshooting is one of the three major disciplines of competitive clay pigeon shooting. The team has 31 members, and although not considered a school sport, it is a club affiliated with General McLane.

   Not all kids have an interest in playing basketball or baseball.  This club provides an opportunity for those students who aren’t interested in sports, and enjoy shooting guns (and are responisble doing it) to be on a team. The team competes against students all over Pa. that are registerd in the Pa. State High School Target League.

   Sophomore Hope Gebhardt is one of four females that shoots on the team. “I get to shoot guns.  That is what I am interested in, not the normal school sports,” she stated.  Gebhardt currently averages 18 pigeons per round of 25 and has high goals for the rest of her season.  “I want to shoot a perfect score and attend the state competition in June.”

   GM’s trap team shoots clay pigions every Sunday at the Gem City gun club.  Each participant gets to shoot two rounds of 25 pigeons.  At the end of the shoot, the team’s coach, Mr. Snair, records their results into an online scoring board he maintains on Facebook.

   Snair started this team so he could show that guns can be used in a positive way and to help remove the stigma of guns that some people have. Members of the team have to do safety training so they know how to handle a gun properly and to try to eliminate all possible injuries.     He received $5,000 from the National Rifle Association and sponsorship from 31 businesses and organizations to fund the club, which provides shells, but not guns to its members.

   Junior Derek Waltz participates on the team.  He has been shooting trap for about six years now.  “I like to shoot guns.  It is fun.  The club also gives me a chance to hang out with my friends from school,” he commented.