Mr. GM Entertains Once More


Spencer Conaway and Carter Willis congratulate the 2019 Mr. GM, Brennon Songer.

Bella Jackson, Reporter

   Every year for the past 14 years, General McLane has had a Mr. GM contest. The 2019 contest was held at General McLane High School in the auditorium, hosted by the student council. This year there were eight boys competing for the crown of Mr. GM: Seniors Spencer Conaway, Ethan Greenleaf, Derek Rafeew, Ben Rea, and  Brennon Songer; junior Carter Willis, sophomore Chandler Villanueva, and freshman Isaac Smith.

   Each contestant had to compete in five categories, which included school spirit, swimwear, talent, formalwear, and Q&A. All of the proceeds of the pageant benefited the Shriners Hospitals for Children. This year’s pageant raised $1,150.61.

      The 2019 Mr. GM judges were Mr. Knight, Mrs. Mackowski, Mrs. Scaletta, and Mr. Snair. All of the contestants involved the judges and were very interactive with the auditorium.  Needless to say, both the judges, as well as the student audience, were treated to a show, which concluded with Songer being named the winner.

      Like the other candidates, Songer had to figure out creative ways to raise his money.  He stated, “At first I just asked anyone for donations, but then I saw that Derek Rafeew and Ben Rea and Ethan Greenleaf were making a lot of money selling food so in the last few days I started selling food and other sorts of things.” In all, Songer raised $113.82 for the cause.

   From the audience response, the talent category was a big hit.  As usually the other categories were also very comical especially the talent and swimsuit portions of the show.  Songer stated, “At first I thought my school spirit was going to do the best just because it was different than anyone else’s, but in the end I think my swim won it with ‘Thickle’ being the best fish out there.”

   “Overall I feel [Mr. GM] was a success, we raised a lot of money, and I didn’t expect to have [so] much fun. I think I became really close with all of the other contestants,” Songer reflected of the evening.