Got Tamps?



Seniors Claire Campbell and Rachel Steiner fundraise to put a tampon dispenser in the girl’s bathroom.

Harley Welch, Reporter

High school can be hard enough, but imagine being a girl and reaching in your bag for a tampon and not having one. This can lead to embarrassment, fear, and stress. Having a tampon dispenser in the girls restroom can alleviate the embarrassment of having an accident when you start your period.

Senior, Rachel Steiner, is attempting to help with this struggle by pushing for tampon dispensers to be installed in the girls restrooms by the end of the 2018-2019 school year. The tampon dispenser would only cost 25 cents for each.

Mr. Thompson is the teacher for the ice house class which helps young adults get ideas for entrepreneurship.”We were brainstorming how we can improve the restrooms for our ice house project” said Steiner when she came across this topic. Not everyone is supportive of this idea, especially the male students. “They are confused and weirded out by the idea, but some are still supportive and understanding” said Steiner.

Their goal was to raise around $150 for the dispenser and supplies and so far they have made $170 by having bake sales in the cafeteria during lunches. This will be a change for the school, but a step into a positive and helpful direction.

“Whether or not you personally use this dispenser is up to you, but the positive repercussions will touch everyone’s lives” commented Steiner.