Tips for Prom Success

A homecoming group re-enacts Friends on a couch on State Street in downtown Erie.

A homecoming group re-enacts “Friends” on a couch on State Street in downtown Erie.

Prom season is always a crazy, exciting time at GM and it is right around the corner. The prom this year has a fairytale theme and will be held at the Brewerie at Union Station on May 11. Prom is widely anticipated and many people dream of having a perfect night. Here are some tips to finding the perfect dress for your perfect night, having the perfect hair and nails, making memories with your group and taking photos that capture all the magic.

Step 1: The Dress

Some might stress about where to find the perfect dress, but here are some places to find a dress last minute.

  • The Winner
  • Macys
  • Davids Bridal
  • Bridal Elegance
  • Ermina Cortez Bridal
  • Cable Creations

    Taylor Thomas tries on a gown.

Step 2: Nails

Now that you have found your dream dress where are you going to get your nails done? Here are a few nail salons around Erie

  • Foxy Nails
  • M Nails & Spa
  • Best Nails
  • Star Nails
  • Coventina Day Spa
  • Magical Nails
  • Diamond Nails
  • Empyrean Day Spa & Salon

    Macy Enterline’s manicure from Coventina Day Spa.

Step 3: Pictures

So now that you have your wardrobe all figured out its time to decide where to take those prom pictures. Erie has many pituresque places to capture your perfect prom picture, but sometimes you have to dig a little to find somewhere that isnt going to be crowded with people. Here are some picture-perfet places to make you look spectacular with a jawdropping background:

  • Erie Art Museum Stairs
  • The Bicentennial Tower
  • Dobbins Landing
  • Presque isle
  • Warner Theater
  • Erie Zoo
  • Headwater Park
  • Bayfront Convention Center
  • Presque Isle Light House
  • Erie Beaches

Step 4: Hair Trends and Salons

As you are approaching prom you have your beautiful dress and nails, but one piece is missing….. YOUR HAIR! I know that it is difficult to figure out what you want to do with your hair, what will look best with your dress. Here are a few ideas for up your hair and a few area salons to give you that perfect do:

  • Strapless dress = Hair all the way down
  • V- neck dress = Half up – Half down
  • One Shoulder dress = Your hair to the side
  • High Collar dress = pulled all the way back
  • Halter dress = Your hair all the way up
  • Open back dress = Your hair all the way up


  • Panache Salon and Spa
  • Headcases
  • Diane McShane’s Hair Salon
  • Fusion Hair Gallery
  • Moxi Hair Salon
  • Focal Point Day Spa & Salon
  • Salon Verde

    Noel Antalek’s prom do from last year.

         Step 5:  Pre-Prom Eats

     Dress? Check. Hair and nails? Check. Photo locale? Check.  Now you just need to figure out your pre-prom eats. Here are a few suggestions for every taste.

Limited budget?

  • The Plymouth Tavern
  • Creekside Bar and Grill
  • Sara’s Restaurant
  • O’Charley’s

Does Italian sound good?

  • Ricardo’s
  • Olive Garden
  • Nunzi’s
  • Serafini’s

Are you both seafood lovers?

  • Red Lobster
  • The Sloppy Duck
  • The Colony
  • Joe Roots Grill
  • Bayfront Grill

Hungry for all-American?

  • Cheddars
  • TGI Friday’s
  • Applebee’s

For those meat lovers in the crowd try:

  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Longhorn Steakhouse   
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • SmokeyBones

Are you trying to take that special one to a really fancy dinner?

  • Firebirds Wood Fire Grill
  • Cannon’s Chophouse
  • Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse
  • The Cork 1794