GMHS’s “Sweeney Todd” Announces Casting


Emily Tworek, Editor-in-Chief

GMHS’s fall musical, Sweeney Todd, announced its casting Thursday night.  The much-anticipated successor to last year’s Phantom of The Opera will be led by senior Kyle Brace as the title role, Emily Tworek as Mrs. Lovett, Mike Hess as Judge Turpin, Cody Gould as Anthony Hope, and Olivia Graham as Johanna.  Also featured in the cast are Chris Makowski as The Beadle, Melina Walter as The Beggar Woman, A.J. Ferretti as Tobias, and Chayce Neamand as Jonas Fogg.  The cast of 32 begins rehearsals Tuesday, and the show is set to open November 19.

Stephen Sondheim’s masterpiece will prove to be a challenge for the cast vocally and dramatically, due to its dark subject matter, but Mr. Yates is confident that the cast will rise to the challenge.  “Trish and I felt that this was our window of opportunity to do the show,”  said Yates, who also commented that he is most excited for the musical challenge of the work. 

The basis for much of Sweeney Todd’s styling comes from the Steampunk movement, a fusion of mechanical and Victorian elements.  From the leather and lace costuming to the industrial set, Sweeney will be unlike anything ever before seen on the GM stage.  Stay tuned for more updates on GMHS’s newest production!