Prom Recap


Karen Hodas

The 2019 Prom Court

Abigail Romba, Reporter

Prom was held on May 11 at Union Station. The prom theme this year was “Once Upon a Time.” Attendees voted Claire Campbell prom queen, Logan McFadden prom king, Taylor Thomas, princess, and Nick Renick prince.  

  McFadden stated that it was a “huge honor” to know that his fellow classmates voted him prom king. Campbell agreed that if felt good that her fellow classmates voted her as prom queen.  “It was an amazing prom, but it was hectic,” she stated. Campbell’s most memorable part of the night was eating dinner at IHOP with all of her friends.

  Many students agreed that prom was an amazing night.  Junior Avery McCullough, stated,“Prom was an amazing experience and I’m glad I was able to go with my friends! I can’t wait for next year!”

  For the seniors, the night was extra special because it was their last school dance together.  “Prom was super fun, I really enjoyed getting to hang out with my friends! I always love school dances because I think everyone has so much fun at them. I think the decorations were also very pretty and nicely done! Overall it was a really great night.” stated senior, Sierra Seneta.