GM’s Tasty New Options



The students who run the GM Java Cafe along with Mr. Kane and Mrs. Kurczewski.

Colin Ramey and Ian Smith

   Morning munchies? Bored of wandering the halls, hungry and alone in the morning? Well, luckily for you, there are two new options at GMHS that are providing some tasty treats. Now open are the “GM Java Cafe” and the “Protein cart.”

   The GM Café opened its doors in the library on September 12 with some great food to help get you started. All items are priced at a dollar or less for treats such as coffee, tea, muffins, cookies, hot cocoa, and more items coming soon, such as waffles and more beverages. The café is open from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m., with students and classes welcome to come anytime during first period with teacher permission.

   The cafe has been well-received by students and teachers alike. “The coffee is great! This place is so awesome because it’s created a hub where students can come and socialize in the morning! And it’s good for the students who work there because they get to see what’s it’s like to be in a working environment. I love it,” exclaimed Mrs. Thompson. 

   Mrs. Kurczewski, the family learning teacher, and Mr. Kane, the learning support teacher, will assist in running the café until students are more accustomed to how the café will work. Once students understand the process of running the café themselves, it will be student-run with minimal intervention. Mrs. Kurczewski is in charge of all the food related processes, and helps students understand different foods, health codes, and how to prepare the food. On the other hand, Mr. Kane is in charge of the business skills. He helps the students run the register and organize themselves. The logo for the cafe came from the help of Mrs. Hodas.

     The students who work in the café seem to be very enthusiastic about this program. Mrs. Kurczewski even states that “Students seem to be excited to work in the Café. Many are able to come in early and volunteer to do so.” The café is part of a program to help students gain valuable job skills, and give students experience to put on their resumés. The café would like to be able to pay students through programs in the future, but currently the café has no available funds.

   The café was an idea thrown around for “several years” according to Mr. Kane, until it was launched with support from OVR. OVR is an organization whose goal is to teach individuals job skills while helping them secure and hold a job. The café is hoping to be financially sustainable, with more equipment being added, depending on financial success, in the future. The café is currently looking for student input on how it should be decorated. If you’d like to get involved email Mr. Kane if you’re interested in submitting your idea.

The protein cart is located near the end of the gym entrance and is open until 8 a.m.  Many students have walked past the cart pursuing the carts options, which include hard boiled eggs, yogurt, benefit bars, milk, orange juice, apples, oranges, and cheese. The cafeteria received a grant that enabled the school to have the protein cart.  A great feature about the cart is that if students are interested in grabbing a snack, they are able to pay using their lunch account.  

So make sure to stop at one of these places in the morning to start your day right.  Come on down to the protein cart or GM Java Cafe to get a tasty snack/beverage for a good price!