Written in the Stars


Morgan Shelhamer, Editorial Board

According to the New York Times, while astrology—“looking for answers, signs and predictions in the movements of the celestial bodies”—isn’t a science, it has still captivated human beings since the beginning of time. The zodiac consists of 12 constellations, one for each month,  that lie on or around the ecliptic: the apparent path of the sun across the sky. Each sign is said to have its own specific personality traits and are used to predict likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. However, many factors, such as the exact location of the plants and the sun during your birth, will influence the specifics of your sign. While the horoscopes may not always be accurate, no one can deny the urge to take a peek. 

The descriptions of each sign were compiled from “Astrology” by Julia and Derek Parker, “The Complete Book of Birthdays: Personality Predictions for Every Day of the Year” by Clare Gibson, and “Astrology and Fortune Telling” by Sally Morningstar. 



March 21–April 20

Symbol: Ram

Ruling Planet: Mars (God of War)

Element: cardinal fire

Colors: white, red

Physical Correspondence: head, brain

Stones: amethyst, ruby, diamond

Flowers: hollyhock, carnation, poppy, thistle, geranium

Keywords: urgent and assertive

Positive traits: enthusiastic, generous, quick-thinking

Negative traits: impatient, impulsive, headstrong 



April 21–May 20

Symbol: Bull

Ruling Planet: Venus (Goddess of Love)

Element: fixed earth

Colors: pale blue, lilac, pink

Physical Correspondence: neck, ears, throat

Stones: alabaster, topaz, rose quartz, emerald 

Flowers: lily, lilac, daisy, mallow, poppy, violet

Keywords: determined and honourable 

Positive traits: reliable, strength, patient, practical 

Negative traits: stubborn, relentless, resistant to change 



May 21–June 21

Symbol: Twins

Ruling Planet: Mercury (The Messenger)

Element: mutable air

Colors: red, yellow, orange

Physical Correspondence: lungs, shoulders, arms, hands

Stones: beryl, garnet, citrine, amber, agate

Flowers: verbena, balm, tansy, yarrow, orchid, myrtle

Keywords: versatile and expressive 

Positive traits: entertaining, intelligent, amusing, good communicator 

Negative traits: opinionated, restless, indecisive



June 22–July 22

Symbol: Crab

Ruling Planet: the Moon (Goddess of Emotions)

Element: cardinal water

Colors: cream, white, silver-blue, smoky gray

Physical Correspondence: stomach, breasts

Stones: pearl, moonstone, peridot

Flowers: lily, lily of the valley, water lily, white rose

Keywords: intuitive and emotional 

Positive traits: kind, sympathetic, loyal, 

Negative traits: sensitive, over-emotional, insecure, temperamental 



July 23–August 22

Symbol: Lion

Ruling Planet: Sun (King of the Universe)

Element: fixed fire

Colors: golden yellow, orange 

Physical Correspondence: spine, back, heart

Stones: ruby, yellow topaz, tiger’s eye, amber, cat’s eye

Flowers: sunflower, chamomile, marigold, celandine

Keywords: powerful and dramatic 

Positive traits: creative, enthusiastic, energetic, courageous 

Negative traits: vanity, egotism, dramatic 



August 23–September 22

Symbol: Virginal Woman

Ruling Planet: Mercury (The Messenger)

Element: mutable earth

Colors: indigo, navy blue

Physical Correspondence: intestines, abdomen, spleen 

Stones: sapphire, amethyst, carnelian, peridot 

Flowers: jasmine, wintergreen, sage, narcissus, cornflower

Keywords: discriminating and analytical 

Positive traits: tidy, organized, meticulous, modest 

Negative traits: critical, fussy, narrow-minded 



September 23–October 22

Symbol: Scales 

Ruling Planet: Venus (Goddess of Love)

Element: cardinal air

Colors: pink, blue, lavender 

Physical Correspondence: kidneys

Stones: quartz, opal, jade, emerald, sapphire

Flowers: rose, pansy, foxglove, daisy, hydrangea 

Keywords: harmony and diplomacy 

Positive traits: calm, rational, romantic 

Negative traits: frivolous, flightiness



October 23–November 21

Symbol: Scorpion

Ruling Planet: Pluto (planet of regeneration and change)

Element: fixed water

Colors: red, maroon 

Physical Correspondence: genitals, bladder 

Stones: topaz, agate, ruby, garnet, carnelian, amber

Flowers: heather, thistle, geranium, chrysanthemum

Keywords: passion and power

Positive traits: passionate, creative, discerning, driven 

Negative traits: obsessive, jealous, brooding, moody 



November 22–December 21

Symbol: Centaur/Archer

Ruling Planet: Jupiter (planet of wisdom and vision)

Element: mutable fire

Colors: blue, purple

Physical Correspondence: liver, hips, thighs

Stones: garnet, turquoise, amethyst citrine, topaz

Flowers: wallflower, dandelion, narcissus, lime flower, carnation

Keywords: freedom and optimism 

Positive traits: adaptable, friendly, wise, joviality 

Negative traits: impatient, impulsive



December 22–January 19

Symbol: Goat-fish

Ruling Planet: Saturn (planet of practicality and lessons to be learned)

Element: cardinal earth

Colors: indigo, gray, dark green

Physical Correspondence: bones, joints, teeth, knees

Stones: onyx, beryl, white sapphire, black diamond, jet, amethyst 

Flowers: coltsfoot, black poppy, pansy

Keywords: duty and discipline

Positive traits: determined, relentless, ambitious, reliable 

Negative traits: pessimistic, complainers, lacks self-confidence 



January 20–February 18

Symbol: Water-carrier

Ruling Planet: Uranus (planet of elimination)

Element: fixed air

Colors: violet and blue

Physical Correspondence: blood vessels, circulation 

Stones: sapphire, onyx, amethyst, black pearl, hematite

Flowers: myrtle, rosemary, dandelion, orchid, goldenrod

Keywords: independent and compassion 

Positive traits: friendly, inventive, intellectual, kind

Negative traits: aloofness, impulsive, private, unpredictable 



February 19–March 20

Symbol: Two Fish

Ruling Planet: Neptune (watery god of the depths)

Element: mutable water

Colors: white, mauve, red

Physical Correspondence: feet

Stones: coral, jasper, bloodstone, white opal, pearl, amethyst, moonstone

Flowers: poppy, water lily, pink, thyme 

Keywords: nebulous and receptive 

Positive traits: kind, receptive, charitable 

Negative traits: restless, lack self-confidence, emotional instability