Smartest Sports Team in the Fall


Logan Mitchell and Ben Lipinski

Do you think your sport is the smartest? News flash: it’s not… unless you’re boys soccer. According to a poll given to 10 people from six of the fall sports teams, boys soccer ranks number one.

The rankings were based on the responses to four questions compiled to test each lobe of the brain; a riddle, a school spirit question, a geography question, and a general knowledge question (which was actually another riddle.)  Although some people think the questions (or maybe the answers) are biased, each person was asked the same four questions:  

  1. What’s brown and sticky? (A stick)
  2. What’s General McLane’s first name? (John) 
  3. Identify this country on the map. (It was a map of France.)
  4. What has to be broken before it can be used? (An egg) 

Initially there was a tie breaker for first place between boys soccer and the cross country team. So we took the highest scorer from each sport. Seniors Keaton Bryson and Evan Zehr went head to head, winner take all, to see who could answer a tie breaking question the fastest and with the right answer.  In the end, Bryson answered the go-to question first: “If a plane crashes on the border of Canada and the United States and there were three survivors, where do you bury them?” 

Ben Lipinski
Keaton Bryson (Soccer) and Evan Zehr (XC) went head to head to determine who had the smartest sports team at GM. Boys Soccer won.

    Through this exercise we received many humorous answers. Some funny answers we received were:

Q: What was General McLane’s first name? 

A: “General” -Makayla Jay, senior volleyball player

Q: What’s this country? 

A: “Arkansas” -Anna Williams, sophomore volleyball player

Q: What’s brown and sticky?

A: “A brown sticky note.” -Nate Jones, senior football player

Q: What’s brown and sticky? 

A: “You.” (Said to Logan Mitchell) -Joe Lewis, senior soccer player

Caption: Seniors Keaton Bryson of boys soccer and Evan Zehr of cross country smile before they duel out with a final riddle. 


Photo Credit: Ben Lipinski