Homecoming 2019


Morgan Shelhamer

Tim Fair, Sam Wagner, Carter Willis, Jack Mennow, Ben Howe-Jones, Rachel Lesko, Amy Patterson, Della Mamani, Christine Patterson, and Cassidy Comer are the seniors voted to this year’s Homecoming Court.

Rinoa McCain, Reporter

When people think of homecoming, football, parades, and fireworks come to their minds.  This year’s annual homecoming will take place on October 11. 

Homecoming is just that, a home-coming with many previous students who have graduated from GM showing their faces at the game. “Homecoming is special because it brings together the entire community of Edinboro together. It’s almost like a reunion,” said language teacher, Ms. Fritchman. Senior Rachel Lesko agrees expressing, “Homecoming is a nostalgic night for the previous graduates from high school.”

After the game, the homecoming queen and king are crowned and everyone in the stands flood the turf to watch the colors burst in the sky during the phenomenal fireworks show. Student council member, Amy Patterson, shares that the fireworks to be set off on Friday night will be provided by Zambelli Fireworks. 

After four days of impatience and anticipation, the homecoming court was announced this past Monday, after technological issues with the voting surveys put the announcement on hold. Prior to the vote, many people were self promoting through social media in hopes of landing a spot on court. Some seniors posted “vote for me” or “vote for my friend” on Snapchat to get the attention of other seniors who were voting.  

This year’s homecoming court has five queen candidates and five king candidates. A few of these candidates are surprised that they landed a spot. “I’m kind of  surprised I got on because I didn’t think many people liked me,” joked Jack Mennow. Other members of the court have assumptions of why they were one of the lucky five. “I’m only on court because I tore my ACL during football season,” says Ben Howe-Jones.  Another candidate, Christine Patterson says, “I’m probably only on court because I’m Amy’s sister.” Some of the candidates chalk up getting on court because of their appearance like Sam Wagner, who stated, “I’m pretty sure I got on court because of my luscious locks.”

         Every year on Saturday during homecoming weekend, there’s a parade held right in the middle of the town. Citizens gather as they watch the band march throughout the streets of Edinboro. Candy is thrown, music is played, and food is served. 

However,  Homecoming doesn’t stop at the football game,  fireworks, or the parade. The high schoolers have their annual homecoming dance to attend, which is themed Candyland this year. The dance will be held on October 12 in the high school gym and tickets cost $15 per attendee. “Homecoming is fun because I like to dress up, put on makeup, and take pictures,” seniors Madi Ferraro and Sydney Patterson agree.

Homecoming is a celebration for everyone. It’s a weekend filled with many events and many people. It’s a time of joy for a lot of people. So, make time, and have a great homecoming weekend with the citizens of Edinboro.