September Movie Review: IT Chapter Two


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IT Chapter Two Movie Poster

Rinoa McCain, Reporter


         Are you easily scared? If so, then the new “IT”movie is for you. This is the second of the new “IT” movies, the first which was recreated in 2017. These two movies are based off of the original movie that was made in 1990. The original movie follows seven young outcasts who work together to defeat the evil clown, Pennywise. The clown returns every 27 years to “feed” off the fear of children. The second movie brings back six of the young outcasts as adults, in hopes to fully defeat the clown once and for all.

       At the beginning of the movie, there is a warning for anyone with epilepsy because of many flashing lights throughout the movie. This movie includes upsetting scenes, dark humor, and jump scares that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This movie isn’t suggested to watch if you’re sensitive to any of these things. This horror movie intends to scare anyone who watches it. “It was so scary, I almost peed myself,” said freshman Ivan Tucker. 

   Despite the scares, many who saw the movie also had a few laughs.  “I love the humor in this movie. It’s dark and pretty inappropriate, but if you understand it, it’s funny,” freshman Tyler Mayo states. 

    Because of this movie being a reboot of the famous version from 1990, it’s become very successful when it comes to earning money. Worldwide, “IT Chapter Two” has made over $185 million.

   Although those who have seen the original movie may dislike the new versions because they differ from the original, many young adults enjoyed this movie, “I enjoy the newer “IT” movie because it’s placed in modern times, so that it’s more enjoyable and realistic,” says junior Tori Jankowski.

 There’s always good and bad reviews. Senior Carter Willis states, “The movie was pretty long, and there were too many scenes that didn’t make sense. Those are the only things I didn’t really enjoy about the movie.” On the other hand, senior Roni Baker says, “Overall the movie was kind of awesome.” 

   If you haven’t watched the movie yet, definitely check out the trailer. It’s interesting and after watching it sophomore Bradley Weber commented, “Just by watching the trailer, I’m intrigued. It’s action packed and even has a few jump scares.” 

   Out of all of the GM students, who have reviewed this movie, their average rating is about 3.9/5, so if you dare to watch this movie, be prepared.