And I Oop? Sksksk.


Rachel Lesko

A collection of VSCO girl items

Rachel Lesko, Reporter

Point of View: It’s July 2019, and you’re going on vacation until school starts. You drop your phone in the ocean and are left completely in the dark ages. This is the story of your first day of school.

Shh! Shh! Do you hear that? “Sksksk,” you hear in the distance. A whiff of Victoria’s Secret’s newest perfume slaps you in the face. A girl wearing a shell necklace pops over and drops a strange looking water bottle at your feet. “Oh no!” she shrieks. You reach down to grab it, but her long shirt steals your attention, and you notice her lack of pants. How she could be comfortable leaving her house like that? Nonetheless, you shrug and kindly return the bottle to her. She gleams with joy, and her mood quickly shifts to confusion and distress. “Did you lose your hydroflask, sksksk?” You shake your head, a bit confused yourself, and continue on with your day.

As you roam the halls, many brightly colored bands suddenly appear on girls’ wrists. Ponytails are no longer positioned on the middle-back of their heads. They are either on the very top or the very bottom—no in between. You see everyone holding their phones close to their faces. They make weird motions with their hands and mouth words. You wonder if they’ve lost their voices. Girls in groups, large or small, flock together and create videos that include these motions. You enter the cafeteria and a girl approaches you, asking if you have any friends. You wonder why she made this assertion, but are still embarrassed.

“Oh no, sksksk.” There it is again, you say to yourself. Sk-sk-sk you replay in your head. She notices you have become self conscious and quickly clears up your confusion, saying she only asked because you don’t have a friendship bracelet. You take a look around and realize many girls are wearing thin braided bracelets on their wrists, accompanying their colorful bands. You’re still confused and ask the girl what the colorful bands are.

“Omg, you like, don’t have a scrunchy,” she panics. “Here borrow mine!!” She slips the foreign hair tie onto your wrist, drags you along to a table where bracelets are being made by the second, and the flock of girls cry, “And I oop! And I oop!” You hear a notification on your new phone and see that VSCO has been downloaded. Welcome to your new home: Hell.

Now you are very confused and need an explanation. These trendy girls are taking over what you used to call home. They incorporate their strange fashion into your own backyard. They can be found on the VSCO app where they edit their pictures to appear cute. Using scrunchies, making friendship bracelets on their hydroflasks, and wearing their quirky, long tees, they have very bland personalities. They create short videos called Tik Toks and reapply lip gloss every five to ten minutes. They cannot be stopped. World domination will soon be theirs.