Joe Lewis , Reporter

     Are you bored of normal, mundane meals?  Are you struggling to spice up your daily snacks?  With the Lancer Ledger’s new feature, “What The Food,” learn what your fellow classmates and teachers are snacking on. These snacks may not quite be what you’d consider “normal,” but what they’d consider delicious!

     Dom Shrader, junior, says that he gets his unorthodox food combination, popcorn and ketchup, from his grandma.  

     Morgan Shelhamer, senior, has many strange food combos.  “I was too lazy to warm up the hotdog, and then I decided to dip it in the caramel,” Shelhamer explained about one of her bizarre food combinations.  Ian Smith, senior, says candidly “I like licorice, I like peanut butter, I put them together!” 

     Clearly, there are more funky food combinations out there than what meets the eye.  If you’re ever strapped for new, fresh, and exciting ways to spice up your meals and snacks, ask a friend or colleague for strange food combos. Maybe they could introduce you to a potential new favorite snack!