The New Faces of GM!

Olivia Hodapp, Staff

   As the school year began, we welcomed several new faces including Ms. Hannah Washek, Ms. Sarah Garofalo, Ms. Heater Karns, and Mrs. Alicia Terrill as part of the GM staff. 

 Ms. Washek is the new emotional support teacher in Room 301. “I like special education because I like the pace; I like that you get to know the kids one on one a lot and you get to work with them.” As well as helping students,  Ms. Washek also enjoys watching comedy shows. “I like to laugh, so I like to watch ‘Impractical Jokers’ and ‘The Office’.”

            Ms. Garofalo is the new school nurse. She has been a nurse for 10 years, working half of them in a hospital as a cardiac nurse. “I was always interested in science and helping other people. Nursing just seemed like a great fit.” She really enjoys working at GM, and she loves all of the students and staff. In her free time, she enjoys running and has run two half marathons so far. She also enjoys spending time with her two daughters. She was involved in playing soccer for most of her childhood. “I played soccer for most of my life from about five to college.”

             Ms. Karns is the new gym teacher. She has been teaching physical education for nine years at James W. Parker Middle School and recently moved to the high school. “I knew I wanted to be a teacher since I was little, but then I went between being a special ed teacher and a guidance counselor. I realized I liked gym and moving around.” Growing up, Karns was a very active person inside and outside of high school. “I did volleyball, basketball, and softball. I also ran cross country in the summer, and I was in Key Club.”

            Ms. Terrill is the new librarian. She has been teaching for nine years and has taught seventh and eighth grade literature. “I’m passionate about literature and want to share the experience.” She loves GM and even went to high school here. She attended Mercyhurst University for English and later went to Edinboro University for her master’s degree as a reading specialist. She was involved in Broadway dinner, but was more academically focused. Terrill also has three kids and two dogs. 

             As the new teachers begin their first year, make sure to welcome them to General McLane!