What is Principal’s Cabinet


Derek Waltz, Reporter

You may have heard of the Principal’s Cabinet, but what is it? What do they do? Who is in it? 

Principal’s Cabinet is an outreach organization that works to problem solve issues in the school. This year’s cabinet is made up of 18 students: 16 seniors and 2 juniors. Under the guidance of our principal, Mr. Mennow, they meet once a month in the office classroom during periods of the day. The members of the cabinet were specifically chosen by receiving a letter in the mail asking them to join the cabinet. 

Senior cabinet member Logan Mitchell explained the group’s purpose stating, “[We] talk about school wide issues and how the cabinet can improve or fix those issues around the school.” He also said “The group helps with diversity issues and gives back to the school.” 

Some current programs the school is involved in include the Erie Positive Youth Development Youth Summit and the Relay For Life fundraiser.  The group also volunteers at the soup kitchen in Erie. Last year, the cabinet organized a senior giveback day where all the seniors spent a day doing yard work and maintenance on the school grounds.  This year they are looking at running a fall cleanup as well, where they themselves and other students will help out in the community.

According to Mr. Mennow, another new initiative the cabinet is trying to do is a school lock-in. During the school lock-in, students would have to pay a certain amount of money to be able to stay overnight at the school with the proceeds going to charity. 

Mitchell stated that he is working on a project where seniors get to paint their own parking spots. The idea has not yet been approved, but if it does get approved, senior drivers will be able to pay a certain amount of money to make their parking spot “their own.”