College Football with Cart

Oklahomas Jalen Hurts celebrates on the field.

Oklahoma’s Jalen Hurts celebrates on the field.

Carter Willis, Reporter


Competitive sports in 2019? Just pay attention to the college football season and you’ll see a bunch of kids playing for the name on their chest, not the money. The college football season is 3 weeks in and it’s already been super crazy and exciting. We’ve seen some surprise teams, surprise players, and some classic games already. 


The top fifteen teams are usually the most exciting and most paid attention to teams. The top fifteen as of right now after this past weekend are…

  1. Clemson (4-0)
  2. Alabama (4-0)
  3. Georgia (4-0) 
  4. LSU (4-0)
  5. Ohio State (4-0) 
  6. Oklahoma (3-0)
  7. Auburn (4-0) 
  8. Wisconsin (3-0)
  9. Florida (4-0)
  10. Notre Dame (2-1)
  11. Texas (3-1) 
  12. Penn State (3-0) 
  13. Oregon (3-1)
  14. Iowa (3-0)
  15. California (4-0)


Players to Watch: 

          There are some players that have had some jaw dropping performances so far this year. It all starts with quarterbacks who are walking highlight reels. In my opinion, the best quarterback in college football right now is Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts. Through three games he has completed 49 passes on 61 attempts which is a 80.1 completion percentage. That’s pretty accurate to me. He has a whopping 880 passing yards on top of 373 rushing yards. He has nine touchdowns and zero interceptions, plus 4 rushing touchdowns. Other than Jalen, you should watch Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields, Ohio State running back J.K Dobbins, and Clemson running back Travis Etienne. Those five players have been playing up to the hype, and we will see if they keep up what they have going.


Big Games to Watch: 

  If you want to see college football played with the most competitiveness, watch these upcoming games…

  1. *5 Oklahoma vs 12 Texas (October 12th) 
  2. *11 Michigan @ 14 Penn State (October 19th)
  3. *7 Notre Dame @ 11 Michigan (October 26th) 
  4. 3 Georgia vs 9 Florida (November 2nd) 
  5. *2 Alabama @ 8 Auburn (November 30th)
  6. *6 Ohio State @ 11 Michigan (November 30th)