Game Changer: Injury Causes Team to Change Strategy


Buck Snodgrass

Senior captains Nate Jones, Logan Mitchell, Billy Jukes, and Ben Howe-Jones after the toss at the Oil City game.

Jared Iavarone-Campbell , Reporter

       On September 6, 2019, General McLane High School’s senior captain star, linebacker Ben Howe-Jones, was sadly sidelined due to a knee injury. 

      Howe-Jones was the team’s leading rusher and scorer last season, and his absence is forcing GM to redefine the team. Fortunately, the football team is very determined and focused on having a great season. Senior captain, Billy Jukes, commented, “There are eleven guys on the field, not just one. The team is still going to compete week in and week out.” 

      “We just have to keep our focus and continue pushing through the whole season,” senior captain Nate Jones said, regarding the energy of the team. The team is also looking for a more balanced attack on offense. To compensate for the team’s change-up, Ben Lipinski, senior, moved to safety, and Jaxon Scrutchins, junior, moved to slot to get reps. The game plan is the same for Matt Leehan, junior. 

“The line doesn’t need to change much. The need of the line is just to work harder, communicate better, being more physical, and stay positive. That’s the recipe for success,” senior Logan Mitchell commented. 

       Recovering senior captain Ben Howe-Jones spoke about how he feels the season will carry on. “The offense is going to perform great. The new key players [on] the offense…to carry more of the load…are going to be junior Jaxon Scrutchins, junior Matt Leehan, and junior Jared Iavarone-Campbell.” 

Finally he said, “I believe in every single one of my brothers out there.”