Going Wild Without John’s

Going Wild Without John’s

Adam Conn, Senior Staff

   On June 20, 2019 John’s Wildwood Pizza had a small fire in their Edinboro location. As a result, it’s been almost three grueling months without John’s to rely on for some late night pizza. With rumors of them opening back up soon, there is much speculation from the student body and community on when this will happen leaving everyone asking “when will John’s reopen?”

     “It’s the million dollar question,” stated owner John Bellucci when contacted for more information. “Me and my employees have a running joke of it … because we have no idea. Could be three weeks or three months.”

According to one of the managers, the fire started in the pizza oven vent. “The vent was actually cleaned on June 11. I believe and the fire was nine days later, but the amount of debris that built up just caught,” he stated.  

 The pizza shop has been closed ever since.  “We had to have a fire investigator come and investigate for the first two months so we couldn’t do anything with the store. We got all new equipment, and we are meeting the the architect soon,” Bellucci explained.  

There’s no telling when they will actually open back up, but especially the town of Edinboro hopes it’s soon. With the absence of John’s for the past three months, people have commonly been ordering from Little Caesars, while others, like senior Clayton Banister have been venturing out of town for pizza at Blaze. Still others have been pizza-less, like senior Ben-Howe Jones, who when asked where he gets pizza from now simply replied, “I don’t, I’m loyal to John’s.”

    John’s does have another location in Erie by Penn State Behrend. It’s a pretty far drive for pizza and definitely too far for them to deliver.  

There’s no doubt that everyone misses John’s pizza and can’t wait to have it back, but Bellucci did have some good news when asked about homecoming weekend. “We usually are outside all day selling slices and what not on homecoming day, so we are working on a plan to bring pizzas down from our Erie location and doing the same thing.”