October Movie Review: Fractured

Fractured 2019 movie poster


Fractured 2019 movie poster

Rinoa McCain, Journalist

Thanksgiving break. Hospital visit. Disappearances?… While Netflix has added other spooky original films to their network this month, the movie known as “Fractured” has seemed to gain the most attention from people using Netflix. It’s been rated  4.1 / 5 stars by Google users. This movie was released on October 11 of this year, and it has caught the eye of many people.

       The story follows a family of three on their way home from Thanksgiving break, including a married couple and their daughter. After their daughter, Peri, is involved in an accident at a gas station, they rush her to the nearest hospital. After hours pass of the main character, Ray Monroe, waiting for his wife and daughter to return from a CAT scan, the hospital explains that they have no record of his daughter ever being there which raises suspicion in Ray. He’s convinced that they’re hiding something, and he’s determined to figure out what it is. Throughout the movie, Ray searches the hospital for his wife and daughter who were “never there.” 

      “The trailer is mysterious and makes the movie seem so realistic,” said senior Brady Shields. The movie’s description includes things like “mysterious, suspenseful, dark, and intense.” Coming from someone who loves scary movies, senior Joey Webster expressed, “This movie is perfect for this time of year. It’s not like other movies that are mostly about unrealistic topics like clowns or ghosts. This stuff could actually happen. I definitely recommend watching this.” 

      This movie is not suggested to watch if you’re sensitive to gory sights. “I regret watching it late at night by myself because I was speechless and scared for the next hour after turning it off,” said senior Logan Morgan. If you’re looking for a thrill during this spooky season, check out Netflix’s horror section, and definitely put “Fractured” on your list to watch.