Aiming for Gold!

Olivia Hodapp, Staff

       As the last competition approaches, the General McLane marching band prepares for this year’s championships. The show, Corazón Partido, meaning Broken Heart, contains three parts, taking the audience through a tragic love story between a toxic couple. 

     This year’s show contains three parts: Pasion Danza, Corazón Español, and Calles Noches, which translate to Passionate Heart, Spanish Heart, and Night Street. The concept of the show features a couple who fall in love, but soon take a terrible turn. It was a toxic relationship from the beginning and soon they break it off. He wants her back in the end, but she has already moved on. “I really like the concept of the show, but I definitely think it should have been more female-based than male-based. Our male soloist has done a great job, but the show should be more focused around our female soloist. She has about two solos, but the show is supposed to be around her, and that just doesn’t make sense to me. Other than that, it’s 100% great,” junior Savannah Rauscher said.

     Since the beginning of September, the band has competed in five competitions, including their home exhibition held on September 7th. They also marched in the homecoming parade on October 12. “I feel like the band is really good, and if we keep practicing, we will win,” said sophomore Dylan Piatkowski.

     Plans have been made to help enhance the show, and the band has received tapes from judges recommending things they need to work on. “Mr. Malec has planned a lot of things to help us with championships. We have music rehearsals, routine warmups, and rehearsal before competitions. He also has us wear our band shoes and cavi hats so we can practice with what we perform in,” senior Maddy Staszewski explained.

     The band members still have high hopes as they approach championships. In senior Della Mamani’s opinion, “The season this year has been going really well. The freshmen are great kids to have in the band and are very positive. Our band has been improving since main camp in our marching and playing. Every competition is better than the last, and I believe that we have a fair shot for winning first place at Championships—we just need to really fine tune our skills.” 

     Championships will occur on Saturday October 26 at Vet Stadium. The tickets will cost $5 for students and $10 for adults, and the opening ceremonies start at 3:15 p.m. Make sure to go and support the GM marching band!