Boy’s Soccer


Kim Shrader

2019 Boy’s soccer team

Rinoa McCain, Reporter

  “We’ve had a little bit of a rough this season, but we’re getting by because we always manage to work together no matter what,” says team captain RJ Benedict. The boys soccer team holds a record of 6 wins, 8 losses, and 2 ties so far for the 2019 season.

   “We’ve gotten to the D10 final every year for the past 4 or 5 years so far, but I’m not so sure we’ll stick to that record this year,” stated senior Joe Lewis.  Although the team has struggled, they always remain a team.

   Before the season started, the boys spent a lot of time together while off the field. Lewis adds, “Every Friday after practice, all of us would go to Flip’s Cafe and get breakfast together. We also always went to the Bagel Shop when we had two-a-days.”

   While the team stresses about the season, a lot of the players stress about seniors that will be leaving this school year. “I’m really gonna miss Sam Wagner because he’s cute and he’s also my favorite senior on the team,” explained sophomore Wesley Hakanen. Wagner has played soccer all four years of highschool. “I’ll mostly miss the memories I shared with my teammates. It’ll be hard once I realize I won’t be able to play with any of my friends anymore,” Wagner sadly stated.

   Wagner isn’t the only senior that will be missed. Dalton Patterson and RJ Benedict agree that Derrick Kowalczuk will be missed a lot because, “He’s a team player,” and “You can’t not laugh at his obnoxious yelling and outrageous jokes.”

   Kowalczuk responded, “I’m gonna miss the unity that everyone, all the team has together.”

    The seniors may be leaving, but all of the underclassmen have the rest of high school to look forward to when it comes to soccer. “I’m striving to get better as the years go on. I’m looking forward to get closer with everyone on my team throughout high school as well,” said freshman Dylan Patterson. Freshman Coletin Barto wants to work on growth and his skills while on the team.

   The season may be rough this year, but there’s more to the boy’s soccer team than just winning. Kowalczuk’s advice to underclassmen players is, “Make sure you cherish every moment. You won’t have these teammates forever.”