What Happened to the Lancer?

GM Alum Calen Verga: The spirited creator of the Lancer.

GMHS 2014-15 Yearbook

GM Alum Calen Verga: The spirited creator of the Lancer.

Emily Robie , Reporter

      Many students throughout General McLane High School contribute to the the school spirit at sporting events such as football, basketball, and volleyball, but what many of these students do not know is that there used to be even more school spirit. Many high schools tend to have a school mascot to hype up the crowd, and we actually used to have one at our school. After asking around, nobody seemed to have an answer as to what happened to the mascot, so it was time to do some investigating. 

     During an interview, Mr. Mennow explained that the reason we don’t have a mascot is simply because we do not have a good candidate who is willing to do it, even though the costume is possibly still located somewhere in the school. Mrs. Fritchman says the reason she believes there is no mascot is that “no one wanted to step up and replace Calen Verga after he graduated in 2015… [who] created the mascot and outfit himself.” 

     What made Calen Verga such a good mascot, according to Mr. Mennow, was that he would always get the crowd excited by running up and down the sideline at football games, in addition to having a lot of personality. This is all it takes, along with an outgoing personality, according to Mrs. Fritchman, being a mascot requires “rules and guidelines that must be followed as well with this responsibility of representing GM.”

     Because there is no real reason we no longer have a mascot running around at sporting events, Mr.Mennow says that, even though the football season is ending, he would love to have another mascot for basketball season. If anyone is interested in taking up this offer, all they would have to do is speak to Mr.Haise or Mr. Mennow. 

     So to answer the question “what happened to the lancer?”, there is a vacant position and nobody has volunteered to take on the spotlight. Bringing back the lancer might be the ticket to boosting General McLane’s school spirit as it did in the past. If anyone is reading this and thinks they have the potential, please step up!