Vaping Kills


Poisonous dab cartridge

Rinoa McCain, Reporter

       Have you heard about the 23 deaths this year caused by vaping products? If not, tune in to read about all of the problems revolved around vaping. When vaping comes to mind, one probably thinks of flavored juices used when vaping nicotine. This was believed to be the primary cause of these deaths and lung injuries. Yes, nicotine is a reason for things like lung cancer, but it isn’t the reason for these reported accidents.

      As of September 27, 2019, the CDC (The Center For Disease Control) reports that nicotine vaping devices are not the cause for the deaths that have happened these past few months. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) cartridges are being sold on the black market and have been marked as “poison”. When the test of illegal cartridges was conducted, 15 out of 15 of them contained a fungicide that when burned, can turn into hydrogen cyanide. When inhaled, this poison is strong enough to completely destroy a person’s lungs. 

      The main question that everyone wants to know is why are people buying poisonous cartridges knowing they can harm them and even kill them? “People are desperate enough to buy anything just so they can get high,” says junior Issac Mroz. According to, a majority of the deaths caused by these THC cartridges involved teens under the age of 19. This means that most of the poison carts were bought by kids who were “just trying to get high”. 

     Most of the cases of these people getting hospitalized are because they purchased their cart on the black market. Mr. Snair explains, “You can probably buy them at a cheaper price and they’re a lot easier to find.” Minors can’t buy their cartridges from a legal dispensary due to the legal age being 21 to buy products. “Buying from the black market is easy for minors because I’m sure they don’t have to worry about being underage,” says senior Carter Willis.

     What about the teens that aren’t aware of what’s inside? Some who have been hospitalized have expressed more than enough that they didn’t purchase their products online. They have either bought them from a friend or just someone who was selling. Coming from an anonymous student here at GM, they believe that, “Some of the smokers probably had no knowledge of what was truly inside. They could have easily had no information of where their seller purchased the cart before they sold it to them.” 

This being said, minors should be reminded that vaping in all forms is illegal and adults that vape should be careful and make sure they know what they’re truly paying for. It would be wise to steer away from the use of these cartridges to avoid hospitalization.