Hunting Season Is Here!

Kole Repine , Writer

   Do you understand the thrill of hunting? If you don’t, there’s still a chance for you to get in on the hunt this season, with small game such as woodcock, pheasant, grouse, squirrels, and groundhogs continuing to wander around.

   Why do hunters hunt? Some hunt because of the trophy aspect, others because of the meat it rewards, and some because it gives you an adrenaline and a fun time. Sophomore Gus Guzik states, “[I] enjoy being out in the woods and spending time with family.”

   As for archery season, which began on October 5, you can hunt as many does as you have tags, though you’re only allowed one buck. The single buck tag is the only one you get for the entirety of deer season.

   Sophomore Jake Haschalk enjoys archery deer and spring turkey season the best. Other seasons coming up are bear, turkey, duck, and geese, with coyotes and crows available on Sundays.

   The small game season spans from Sept. 2 until Mar. 31, and deer season spans from Oct. 5 until Nov. 16. After that, archery takes a break until it starts again on Dec. 26, finally ending on Jan. 20. Muzzelloader and rifle seasons are also coming up.

     Make sure to stay safe by hunting at least 25 yards off the road. Also be sure to stay legal, as game wardens have stepped up their productivity by patrolling the outside of the game lands.

   Hunters are most likely to hunt on the local state game lands, but some hunt on their own private land. Most of these bow hunters have either a tree stand or a hunting blind they use to stay out of sight. Hunters say the best time to sit in your stand or hunting blind is in the afternoon, since the deer start moving just before dark. Scent is a big part of hunting. You don’t want to run the risk of the animals smelling you and possibly running away; also camouflage is a big part as you do not want the animals to see you either.

   To all hunters out there: good luck this year in all seasons!