Battle of the YouTubers


Christopher Nobles, Reporter

    Logan Paul and KSI, both famous YouTubers had their second boxing match on November 10. The match was held at The Staples Center in Los Ángeles, California and ended with a controversial win for KSI. 

    A lot of build up lead up to this fight. KSI wanted to venture out into professional boxing and fought one other YouTuber named Joe Weller back on February 3, 2018, which KSI won by knockout in round three. After winning this match, KSI called out any other YouTubers who would wish to fight him in the ring and even called out Logan Paul and his brother by name. 

    Originally KSI was scheduled to box Jake Paul but after some discussion it was decided he would fight Logan. They had agreed to a two fight contract. The first fight happened on August 26, 2018 after many heated press conferences and both Logan and KSI releasing dis tracks on the other. The first fight ended in a draw.

    Many, especially the fighters, were left unsatisfied with this result.  Before the two men met each other in the ring again there were many heated conferences.  Both fighters made very personal digs at the other. Logan Paul made comments about KSI’s education and family drama. KSI made a comment about Logan’s dog Kong that had recently passed away after having been attacked by a coyote. 

    Comments like these have turned this fight from a propaganda stunt to a serious showdown between the two. Logan and KSI decided against wearing helmets during the second matchup because neither fighter wanted the other to have a scapegoat for why they lost. 

    When the second fight finally happened on November 10, both fighters gave their all in the ring.  After six long rounds the judges decided that KSI was the winner of the fight. He won because during the fourth round Logan Paul held and hit KSI in the head while he was down. Referee Jack Reiss saw the hold and hit and made the call to deduct two points from Logan’s score. This would cost Logan the match. 

    That same call is under a lot of controversy. It was decided that the original knockdown would be scored but the hold and extra hit would cost two points. Logan Paul is upset by this decision because he did not receive a warning for the fouls.  “I let emotions get the best of me but I will say, no warning and I get two points taken away from me? That’s why I lost tonight,” Paul said. 

    After all the build up, this controversial end leaves fans with an uneasy feeling, waiting to see what will happen next.