The Alphabet Outrage

The Alphabet Outrage

Ali Watkins , Reporter

    In 2019, an alphabet song remix came out on YouTube that made the internet go crazy. The song was allegedly changed because kids couldn’t pronounce the “L,M,N,O,P.” 

The internet, as well as the GM body, had strong opinions on this change and basically were outraged. Senior Rachel Lesko commented, “I feel like they sang it really slow as if kids nowadays are stupid; the traditional one is much better.” Freshman Abigail Greenleaf agreed, “It’s stupid. It doesn’t need to be changed.” Mrs. Karns does not like it either, commenting “The old one was cute how they pronounced the ‘L,M,N,O,P.’ Everyone learned it this way; I don’t know why we changed it now.” Senior Lyric Raucher went so far as to claim, “It’s an abomination.”

Many others agree with all four of them. It’s a hard thing to change, after all; the alphabet has been the same for so long. 

Sadly like most trends on the internet, the full context of the rendition of the song was not communicated.  People just got really upset about it or commented about it to have a good laugh. The remix was actually released by YouTube channel Dream English in 2015. Not until this year did it cause controversy. The reason for the change was to help special needs children and children who speak English as a second language. They couldn’t pronounce the “L,M,N,O,P,” so it was slowed down, and the rhythm of the song changed. 

Obviously, while many people’s opinions were negative, they didn’t know the real background on the situation.  “When I heard the new song, I just thought ‘No!’ Some things should remain sacred. But after finding out the song’s intended purpose, it does make sense.  Anyways, it’s just one song. We will always have the L,M,N,O,P version,” commented business teacher, Mrs. Zona.