The General Store is Back!


Dane Jukes, Writer

 “The Student Store sells more!” Says senior Aliyah Nelson. The General Store will be opening Thursday, November 14th. The store is run by the Retail Management Class. And of course the one and only Mrs Bentley. Aaliyah Nelson says “the General Store will be getting new products this quarter”. The new products include, hoodies, gloves, spiral hair ties, custom magnets, and more! Devyn Bayle has contributed to the Store by making a cool design on one of the long sleeve tee shirts. Thank you Devyn. 

Just to remind you, the store will still have all the stuff they did before. Including, gushers, candy bars, drinks, and GM apparel. The General Store has essentials for the school day.

Aaliyah Nelson says “ there will be contests, like pin the feather on the turkey”. The turkey feathers will be hidden around the school, if you find one you will have a chance to win awesome prizes. The General Store has been doing a lot lately by helping improve products and getting more snacks for us to eat. 


The General Store is run by talented students in the Retail Management Class. This class helps you see what it’s like to run a business and learn how to manage a business. The kids who help run it, enjoy the class and take pride in their work. If anyone is interested in this kind of stuff, take the class. You can learn so many cool and unique skills in this class and all the work you do can definitely help you in the future. 

If you ever need a snack, go check out the General Store. It is open during all lunches so stop by and see what the General Store has to offer!