Foreign Students First Thanksgiving


Aralyn Lewin , Reporter

   Three countries, three students, one holiday. Thanksgiving is celebrated every year in America on the fourth Thursday of November. However, for Gonzalo Minuesa of Spain, Tina Nguyen of Vietnam, and Triin Tillemann of Estonia, November 28, 2019 will be their first Thanksgiving. 

      Though Tillemann and Nguyen have heard of the American holiday before in their home countries through studying American cultures, Minuesa explained, “In Spain, we’ve never done Thanksgiving before; I learned it when I came to America.” 

    For the holiday, Nguyen will be traveling to Utah to spend it with relatives and Minuesa says he will be celebrating Thanksgiving with his host family. Tillemann, on the other hand, says, “My host brother is in the marching band and the whole family is taking part in the Disney trip, so I’ll probably be in Disneyworld.” 

     Even though Spain, Vietnam, and Estonia don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, the three countries still celebrate holidays similar to American holidays. Nguyen explains, “Vietnam’s biggest holiday is the first day of the Lunar calendar called Tet Holiday.” Tet Holiday is similar to the American holiday New Years. While in Estonia, Tillemann added, “We celebrate Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, and Midsummer Day, which is usually around June 24.”  Tillemann then explained that the holiday “Midsummer Day” is one day a year where everyone stays up all night to celebrate the longest day, and the shortest night, of the year.  

        Regarding Thanksgiving, Minuesa happily states he is excited to eat, but Nguyen says she is excited for the holiday because, “Everything here has a different culture, and it’s so interesting. I want to try it all.” 

        While most families will be dining at home or with family, Tillemann will be in Disneyworld, but assures, “I would have also enjoyed having a more traditional experience of a big family gathering and lots of food.”