Manufacturing Academy


Aralyn Lewin , Reporter

    The Manufacturing Academy is a program at GMHS which enables students to get involved in manufacturing. The program allows for the opportunity to shadow and intern in the manufacturing field.        

    Students can start the program at any point in highschool, but starting as a freshman is the most beneficial. Throughout high school, students in the program will tour four manufacturing sites as freshmen and four as sophomores. They then will shadow sites during junior year, and intern during senior year. The program takes place throughout the school day, during activity periods, and workshops. 

   The Academy is run by the guidance department and has eight manufacturing partners. One benefit of the club is that students can receive paid internships, or jobs, out of highschool.

   Junior Wyatt Hall enjoys the benefits of the academy, commenting, “You get to see the process in manufacturing and…see what skills are involved.” Another benefit is the opportunity to be part of the Quality Assurance (Q.A.) Certificate program. 

   From the Manufacturing Academy comes the Q.A. Certificate Program, which is new to GM this year. This program stems from the Academy because sophomore participants in the Academy talk to guidance about being a part of the certificate program during their junior and senior year. 

   Over the course of junior and senior year, participants in the Q.A. Certificate take five college courses at Edinboro University. By the end of senior year, each student who did the Edinboro dual enrollment will be credited with 15 college credits, as well as an Q.A. Certificate. With the certificate, graduates can be recognized by industry as a quality assurance inspector and be hired into the manufacturing field. 

   Dual enrollment costs each student $300 per class, but through the Q.A. Certificate program, it is free to attend the required college classes. Professor Dr. Kuvshinikov of Edinboro University uses a grant awarded to him to pay for all high school students’ dual enrollment who are involved in the program. 

   If students are interested in getting the Q.A. Certificate after high school on their own, the same classes would cost almost $2,000 each. By the end of all classes and books needed, the same certificate students can get for free through the program at GM would cost between $10,000-$15,000. 

   The Manufacturing Academy currently has 38 members and six students involved with the Quality Assurance Certificate Program. The Academy is accepting any members interested in the field, as well as the chance to be in the Q.A. Certificate Program. It’s never too late to join! For more information about joining, contact any of the three guidance counselors, Mrs. Hertel at [email protected], Mrs.Weiss at [email protected], or Mr.Tyree at [email protected]