Christmas Break is Coming!


Kaden Wright, Writer/Editor

   Sleigh bells are ringing, gingerbread is baking, and carolers are singing. It’s Christmas time, and our break is starting to peak around the corner. Students and faculty are at the edge of their seats and glancing at the clock, prepping for the objectives they have for the break, whether it be a full workload, excessive partying, or just trying to catch up on sleep.

     Dalanie Coughlin, a senior, is excited for the holidays and feels relieved to have some wiggle room in her agenda. “I will be working at Walmart and spending time with my family from Michigan, who are coming to stay at my house for a Christmas Eve party,” she said.

     For Hannah Wolfe, a sophomore, Christmas break is threatening to tear her in half with the schedule she’s got, as she explained, “I have to work, I’m going to a New Years Eve party, I’m going to three different houses for Christmas, and I am getting my permit.”

     Ms. Behnke, one of the office secretaries, stated, “I am watching my niece, nephew, and my kids, doing crafts with ‘Coco’ (Ms. Behnke’s nickname), baking cookies, and spending time with family.” Behnke also remarked, with a gleam in her eyes, that she will be sleeping in until her “internal alarm clock” wakes her up around eight-o-clock.

    For those of you who have a more flexible schedule than the above, here are some ideas to fill your time off from school. Make a list of New Year’s resolutions you can commit to for the new year. You could also make Christmas cookies, go ice skating, and watch Christmas movies as a way of filling the hours till Santa descends the chimney on Christmas morning.