GM High School Christmas Fundraisers

Sarah Banta and Sky Bowers

     ‘Tis the season to give. General McLane staff and students have been working hard to do good for our local community and raising money for less fortunate families at General McLane.

      Last week the ‘Stache for Cash fundraiser took place to help General McLane families in need during the holiday season. “‘Stache for Cash is a fundraiser to help families at General McLane” explained Mr. Wheeler. Many teachers and some students participated in the fundraiser by growing their beards out. Mr. Stuyvesant, Mrs. Chelton, Mr. Snair, Mr. Wheeler, Mrs. Mackowski, Ms. Behnke, Mr. Vath, Mr. Knight, and student Wesley Fiske were all candidates. Ultimately, Mr. Knight won the coveted Stache for Cash belt by edging out Wheeler by only $2.  He also won the pie in the eye contest, took a pie in the face from Mrs. Chelton, and had his mustache shaved off by junior Taylor Dowlen during the assembly that took place this past Friday.  In all, the fundraiser made approximately $1,100 which will be given directly to families in need.

      This year the members of the Principal’s Cabinet organized a giving tree for students in need. The initiative was led by seniors Lindsey Cain and Andrew Yonko, who contacted both of the elementary school nurses for a list of student names and what they needed for Christmas. The list of gifts, which were mostly warm clothing items, were each put onto different ornaments.  Students from the high school chose an ornament and purchased the gift item for the child, making their Christmas a happier and warmer one.  Yonko stated that the group made 40 tags and estimates they received 70 gift items to be distributed.

   On Dec. 3-20, Mrs. Chelton and Mrs. Behnke created a kindness calendar that is posted all around the school. Everyday the calendar suggests a different activity to spread kindness throughout the halls of GMHS.  Activities include writing a thank you note to a staff member or Tito, helping a teacher clean or decorate their classroom, and talking to someone new.  “We just wanted to spread holiday cheer” stated Mrs. Chelton.

     In the weeks before Christmas, the GMHS nurse, Mrs. Garafolo, organized a store in her office where students in need can come and shop for free gifts for their families and friends. Students and staff donated to Mrs. Garafolo to help the cause. This event has taken place annually in the nurse’s office for years and students are grateful for the opportunity to take part.

     As an activity in their business elective, the life skills and autistic support students made Christmas gift tags which they sold for a $2.50 donation per bag of five tags. The money that was earned was donated to students in need within the GMHS School District. The group designed and made over 165 tags and  had a lot of fun in the process.  “I liked glittering the tags while listening to Christmas music,” stated student Therese McCarthy.  McCarthy also stated that she felt good that the money the group made went to charity.

   Last Friday, the annual senior citizens luncheon was held in the high school for members of the local community.  Attendees were treated to a performance by the GM band in the auditorium and to lunch in the band room.  A group of students were seleted to serve as volunteers during the event, performing various jobs as valets, escorts, and servers.  All the volunteers concurred that they enjoyed interacting with the visitors and making their holiday more happy.

    On Dec. 11, Student Council hosted a holiday tree decorating event after school. Students worked together to deck the halls of the entryway, helping to get the student body into the holiday spirit.  The council also hosted a spirit week leading up to break.  Friday is Santa Hat Day.