Practice. Dedication. Wrestling.

Cody Stempka , Journalist

   The 2019-2020 wrestling season starts again, and many people are ready to go. This year there are about 25 kids who signed up, completely filling the line up from 106lbs to 285lbs. 

Jennifer Hayes
Beau Caro takes down his opponent in a match.

     It takes a lot to be a wrestler, according to Junior wrestler, Beau Caro. Caro started wrestling in kindergarten, and is now beginning his eleventh year. Caro explains, “It takes a lot of your free time to be a wrestler and makes you realize it’s the hardest sport in the world. After you wrestle, everything else in life is easy.”

     When one starts their wrestling career, it’s understood that wrestling becomes more of a lifestyle than a sport. It is a time consuming sport and requires dedication. Caro explained, “Wrestling is more of a lifestyle than a sport because in order to be good you have to put in a lot of time and effort to make yourself better and better, and the only way to do that is to work and perfect your moves and form.”

     Being in top shape is very important in wrestling. Conditioning and practicing are major elements. Freshmen Jessi Stempka, another member of the team, says, “We condition a lot. We do sprints, bear crawls, buddy carries, lifts and much more. I think we have a good team and will do

Jennifer Hayes
Seth Yarger pins his opponent

well this year. GM is known for having good conditioning, and that’s why our team can get to states.”

     Making weight is another important part of wrestling. If you can’t make weight, then you can’t wrestle. Many kids lose weight from just wrestling practice alone, but keeping all that weight is the hard part. Caro and Stempka both say that it is really difficult to cut back on food and work harder in practice to lose more weight. Stempka says, “cutting weight is my least favorite part of wrestling.” 

     Last year, the wrestling team won sections, but didn’t qualify for team states. For individuals; freshman Hunter Robison, sophomore Jackson Spires, and senior Andrew Brest, all were state qualifiers. For this year, the wrestling team set more goals to hopefully achieve for the season. 

    Caro’s goal for the 2019-2020 season is “To be a state qualifier, and my team goal is to place at team states.”

Jennifer Hayes