College Football Bowl Games


Dane Jukes, Reporter

  As most fans know, the college football regular season is coming to an end, but the good thing is that playoffs are around the corner! That also means you’ll have to see Ohio State, Clemson, and LSU.

   LSU is the number one seed headed into the College Football Playoffs. Trailing LSU is Ohio State at number two, Clemson at number three, and surprisingly Oklahoma at number four. It’s also good that there are bowl games because sometimes you just don’t want to watch the same teams in the Playoffs practically every stinkin’ year.
There are also some good teams in the New Year’s bowl games. The games are not exactly the Playoffs, but they’re always very entertaining to watch and mean a lot to the teams and players included. There are lots of bowls but some of the most entertaining include Cotton Bowl: Penn State vs Memphis, Orange Bowl: Florida vs Virginia, Rose Bowl: Oregon vs Wisconsin, Sugar Bowl: Georgia vs Baylor, Peach Bowl: LSU vs Oklahoma, and Fiesta Bowl: OSU vs Clemson, which also a playoff game. The last major bowl is Citrus Bowl: Michigan vs Alabama. These two teams have only competed once before.

   A few students shared some info on what teams will win. Freshman, Chance Adamski, stated, “I think LSU will win because Joe Burrow won the Heisman, and they have a solid team.” Senior Adam Conn agrees, stating, “LSU will win because they have some of the best corners and Joe Burow is really good.”  Sophomore Bradley Weber offerred a different opinon stating, “I think Ohio State will win because Justin Fields is a “dawg.”

  Before the final results were in, a pool of GMHS students voted on who they thought would win the National Championship. The options were between Ohio State, LSU, Clemson, Georgia, Oklahoma, Utah, and Baylor. Baylor, Utah, and Oklahoma, were included because they still had an opportunity to advance, which Oklahoma did. Ohio naturally led the way in votes, but LSU was a close second amidst student votes. The four teams are in and ready to battle for the National Championship.