Juice Wrld death

Rapper, Juice Wrld

Rapper, Juice Wrld

Tyler Fickle, Journalist

Rapper Jarad Higgins, mostly known as “JuiceWRLD,” was found dead in his private boarding area at Midway Airport in Chicago, Ill on Dec. 8. JuiceWRLD shocked the world with hits like “Lucid Dreams,” “All Girls Are The Same,” and “Robbery.” Many feel his style was one that people never had seen before. He grew a very large fan base and instantly became a top artist. 

   JuiceWRLD released his debut album, “Goodbye and Good Riddance,” and had instant hits with five songs making their way into the Billboard Top 100. His recent passing shocked many but left people curious as to why there is very little evidence or proof, as of yet, that he really did die. The cause of death has not been confirmed, as of yet, other than him suffering from a seizure. Police found about 70 pounds of weed and unknown pills in his luggage, and reports say that JuiceWRLD consumed all of the pills, including percocet, so the cops didn’t find any on him. They proceeded to walk through the airport when he collapsed to the ground. His agents then injected Narcan, which is a reverse of the percocet drug, but it was injected too early and caused him to have a seizure. 

    Conspiracies have been brought up about if the rapper is really dead. In his hit: “All Girls are the Same” he says, “I’m a jealous boy, really feel like John Lennon,” who also died on Dec. 8. This could definitely be a coincidence, but there are other things found. For example, an old tweet from him stated “My goal is to get overly famous, shine for a couple years… then fake my own death.” This could have been another coincidence, because the tweet was posted in 2017, but people are trying to put some pieces together. After rapper XXXTentacion died in 2018, JuiceWRLD paid his condolences to his friend by making a song named “Legends” in regards to his life and early death. In the song he says “What’s the 27 Club? We ain’t making it past 21.” JuiceWRLD died at the age of 21, right after his birthday on Dec. 2. The final rumor, the most far-fetched of all, is that his private plane was tracked in the Bahamas after the alleged death. 

   JuiceWRLD only went on one tour which was for his “Death Race for Love” album. Some GM students attended his concert in Pittsburgh on Stage AE. Those people included Carter Willis, Derrick Kowalczuk, and myself (Tyler Fickle.)  Willis stated that he was impacted by the death of JuiceWRLD stating, “[I am] very upset, but what he did was stupid. I loved his music and it’s sad to see he is dead.” 

Many other students were also affected by the death of JuiceWRLD.  Sophomores Kylie Roney and Serenity Scantling stated that, “We cried [when we heard the news].” Scantling continued, “His music impacted me in a way that nobody’s has before.  It got me through middle school”

 JuiceWRLD impacted a lot of peoples’ lives and got them through tough times. His death has all of his fans shocked and in tears.