The Highs and Lows of Christmas

Ali Watkins and Logan Morgan

December 25 is a day many celebrate with family and friends. They open gifts together and overall enjoy being around one another. Most tend to look forward to that holiday, but there are also some not so enjoyable aspects about it.

Many GMHS students had similar opinions on the highs and lows of Christmas. In fact, many times the highs and lows were one in the same.

Mr. Stuyvesant’s stated that his favorite part of the holiday is that it is “a chance to reconnect with all of my family and friends that I don’t see on an everyday basis.” Senior Taylor Church agrees, stating, “It’s all about seeing my family, because I never get to see them.”

On the other hand, some students, like senior Peyton Scheuer, dread family time. Scheuer explains, “Spending time with my family makes me stressed out, because I have to go to five different houses.”

Mrs. Yonko said she likes “getting together with friends and family, and just celebrating the holiday together.” On the downside, however she does not like traveling in the bad weather to see her mom.
Senior Aaliyah Burgos said, “I look forward to seeing my family and getting presents.”

The anticipation of giving and receiving gifts is always something to look forward to. However, buying gifts makes junior Savannah Rauscher not look forward to Christmas. “That means spending money I don’t really have because I’m broke!” she stated. Senior Billy Jukes agrees with her, saying that his least favorite thing about Christmas is also “spending money.”

For most, Christmas is about traditions. Leading up to the holiday, families get ready by stringing the house with lights, decorating the Christmas tree, making cookies, and eating Christmas dinner together. Students have varying views on on what they like the most and least about these traditions. For sophomore Eli Reed, “Christmas is all about the food.” Whereas sophomore Kole Repine says, “decorating is my least favorite part of Christmas.”

Christmas only comes once a year, so surround yourself with loved ones and make the best of the highs and the lows!