Wendy’s Shooting Shakes Community

Emily Moran, Reporter

On January 25, a tragic event happened that changed our small town community. Alex Cavanah, a 22 year old Meadville graduate, was shot and killed in an attempted robbery at the Wendy’s fast food restaurant in Edinboro. The incident caused many emotional wounds to those that worked with, knew, and loved Cavanah, who leaves behind his wife, Kaylee.

   Many GMHS students and alumni are employed at the Edinboro Wendy’s, where Cavanah was a beloved manager. Some students were even on shift when the event occurred.    

   Junior Paige Vannoy worked at Wendy’s and also went to church with Cavanah, who was studying to be a pastor. Vannoy describes Cavanah as “a really good guy who showed the love of God to everyone he came into contact with.” 

   “I remember when they put me on register for the first time by myself. It was very busy and I was overwhelmed. Alex, being the kind and hardworking guy that he was, stayed after his shift was over and helped me take orders and coordinate the food,” Vannoy recounted.    

    Senior Monica Garde also knew Cavanah through her church. Garde stated, “I feel like for everyone it’s an eye opening moment that anything can happen to anyone at any time. So just treasure life while you still have it.” 

   Through this time of tragedy and loss the community came together to help support Cavanah’s family and loved ones. People from all over the county, not just Edinboro, came together to support his family and loved ones. Wednesday, January 29 was the reopening of Wendy’s in Edinboro. In support of Cavanah’s family, all of the money made on the reopening was matched by the company and given to his family.  

   The reopening was a very busy day and people waited for up to two hours just to get their food. “I had to work the reopening because almost everyone that works had worked that night,” said junior Emma Snyder. “There were cars backed up for the drive through line all the way past the on ramp of the interstate.” 

   Donations were also collected at other local Wendy’s for Cavanah’s family.  Although the total amount made will not be released, it was a great success. Here at GMHS, the teachers held a “jeans day” fundraiser which raised $400 for Cavanah. Student Council also held a “hat day” in his honor. The money raised went directly to a GoFundMe for the Alex Cavanah memorial fund, which has currently raised over $15,000. 

  “This tragic event shows that we have an amazing community because we came together in a time of tragedy and did so much to honor Alex’s life and to support his wife and family,” Vannoy stated.