Hate: It affects us all one way or another.

Anna Sisson, Reporter

Everyone’s had their ups and downs, some worse than others. Most people, if asked, would say that spreading hate on someone, especially for no reason, is a bad thing to do. Though the funny thing is everyone’s experienced, given some type of hate, or both at some point in their life at the very least once. 

   “Kill them with kindness, passive aggressiveness, fake friendships and revenge, or just forget, is what sophomore Kaito Alvarado personally recommends on how to handle with the hate. There’s a multitude of ways to deal with the hate you receive. Though, if chosen, you could bring it up to a teacher or one of the counselors in the school when they are available. 

   Ask yourself, what would I say to someone who has hurt me through spreading hate if I had the chance to sit down have a nice calm conversation about it? “I think I would want to know why they say hateful things,” answers Diane Bremner, a ninth grade english teacher. Sometimes sitting down and talking through some things whether it be with yourself or with the other person can lead to better actions and thoughts in the future towards these things and yourself.

    Even though you may think that it will just make things worse or that you can deal with it, you should probably go tell a school counselor, teacher, or adult you can trust that can possibly do something about the situation so that it does not get out of hand.  “It can become a crime and cause several social issues,” stated freshman, Gabby Green.

    People have reasons to do just about everything they do. This also includes being mean, and unreasonable to others, aka, hating on other people. Though there’s never a really good reason to hate on someone over small, inconsequential things that don’t necessarily matter in this world when we just have a small amount of time in this life.