Cosmic Caball

Savannah Yonkin, Reporter

   Color wars. Casual fun. Cosmic Caball. On Friday, February 28 from 8-11 p.m. the annual non-formal dance will take place with a slight twist. It is no longer called the glow dance, but instead is the cosmic caball this year.

   Student council secretary Glory Linebach explained, “The theme was decided through the thought of leap year: due to stuff in our solar system, we decided for the space theme.” It will be similar to the glow dance, yet altered to represent the special day that only happens once every four years. Linebach says, “Nothing exactly like this has been done before and it will make people curious as to what it is.” She encourages kids to go because “everyone needs something fun to do since there isn’t much to do in the middle of the year.”

   Many have asked for a formal winter dance, but teacher and adviser of student council Monica Fritchman said that “if people want input then they need to talk to members of the student council.” Also, the student council doesn’t make any profit on the winter dance, as Fritchman says, “We can only cover the costs.” If a formal dance was created, there would be a need for a good turnout and the ticket cost would be much higher than the $5 being charged for the Cosmic Caball.

   Due to being a non-formal dance, the student council decided to make color wars between the grades. Seniors are white, juniors pink, sophomores blue, freshmen green, and the staff purple. Not only should kids wear this to the dance but to school on Friday. “We plan to have a color war within the school [to promote the dance],” said Linebach.

   Lastly, many kids have asked if DJ Bombom will be there, but for this dance Sean Peebles, an announcer for the Cavaliers, Bayhawks, Seawolves, and the Steelers, will be the DJ. Come out for a good night and bring your friends!