Boots v.s. Books: Trade School or College?



Boots or books? Which will you choose for your future?

Gabe Williams, Reporter

     Believe it or not, high skilled, hands-on tradesmen are, and will continue to be, in high demand. Nowadays it seems that every graduate in the country has to go to college and get a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to be successful in life, and in all honesty, this just isn’t true. There are thousands of decent paying,secure,and in-demand trade jobs that need filled, but with nobody to fill them. 

     Times are changing, and college is getting left in the dust. One reason a trade school is a better option is cost. On average, a trade school degree costs $33,000, compared to the average bachelor’s degree cost of $127,000. 

     The next benefit is ease of finding a job after school. On average, only about 27% of college graduates get a job where their degree is necessary compared to the almost 46% of trade employers who can’t find enough workers. 

     Finally, there’s the shortness of schooling. Let’s be real, most high school students can’t wait to get out of the classroom, so why do they decide to go back in for at least four more years? Most likely a college student will spend a minimum of four years at the university they choose to attend compared to the average of two years in a hands-on learning environment of a trade school. 

     A myth of trade schools is that after graduating graduates are sent into inferior paying jobs, where as this may be true for the first few years of employment, not only will trade school graduates have less student loan debt, they’ll also have at least two years of a salary already behind them by the time the college student graduates. After about tens years of employment, the average trade school graduate has made $140,000 more than the average college graduate. 

     As you can see, evidence proves this competition was swept by trade schools. Times are changing, and so should further education. The brainwashing of high schoolers that college is the only option for success in life is college needs to end.