Swimming and Diving make a Splash


Ellen Eisert

Senior Macie Peyton gives her all at the PIAA District meet.

Sera Mikesell, Reporter

   A successful swim season does not happen by accident. Success is a result of the combined efforts of swimmers and coaches, working together throughout the entire season to improve swim times and win races.

    Junior Lily Bard is a member of the swim team. She has been swimming since the age of 8. Bard claims, “[Swimming] impacts my life because it is the only thing I choose to revolve my life around.”

   She shares, “The team gets along very well. It feels like my second family. During the meets we cheer each other on and joke around,” she says. In addition to swimming they do exercises out of the pool that benefit their cores.

   Bard’s biggest motivator is her coach. She explains, “He’s always ready for meets and wants us to do our best. We get ready by practicing hard in the days prior to the meet.”

  Bard admits to usually feeling pretty nervous before meets, but tries to keep a positive mindset and tells fellow students, “I would definitely encourage anyone that wants to be active to join the swim team. We are welcoming and enjoy seeing new swimmers get into the sport.”

   Lastly, Bard adds, “The pros of swimming are staying in shape and being in a fun team environment. The cons are having to revolve your schedule around practice and meet times, and [therefore] having to miss out on some [other] things.”

Ellen Eisert
Senior Sydney Schuster dives into the pool at the PIAA district meet.

    Sophomore Danny Damore is also on the swim team. He has been swimming for a year. The sport impacts his life mainly because he gets to meet new people.

   He explains, “We get along pretty well, it’s like a family.” He adds, “Meets are fun because everyone wants you to do well.” He names senior Macie Peyton as the most motivated person on the team. Damore himself won both of the swimming events he took part of at a recent meet at Fairview.

   Like Bard he admits to feeling nervous prior to meets but still doing his best. Nonetheless, Damore encourages other students interested in swimming by stating, “A lot of times we go and get food before meets. The swim team is a lot of fun and a lot of activity and that’s why you should join the swim team.”