Richard Scaletta Brings His 40 Year Career to a Close


Aaron Cornejo-Lopez

A man of the people, Mr. Scaletta agrees to take a selfie with reporter Aaron Cornejo-Lopez.

Aaron Cornejo-Lopez, Reporter

 At a board meeting on January 15, superintendent Richard Scaletta, announced that he will be retiring effective June 30, bringing his four decade career at General McLane to an end. Scaletta has made a significant impact on the General McLane School District; first joining the staff in 1980 as a music teacher and working his way up to high school principal and ultimately as the district’s superintendent in 2010.

    After a 40 year career at GM, Scaletta has learned many lessons about working in education.  One of the biggest is that, “You can design a school system around the need of students or you [can] design it around the convenience of adults.  When you design it around the convenience of adults it doesn’t work. I think General McLane has always designed everything and focused on what’s best for students. There are a lot of easier ways to do things but if they’re not the right things for students then we haven’t done it.”     

    For many students and staff the news of Scaletta retiring has been hard take.  General McLane physical education teacher, Luil Graham believes that Scaletta was always fair and was always searching for the best interest of the students. According to Graham, Scaletta running the weight room brought in many students who would normally not be in a sport or have anything to do, giving them positive things to do for their bodies and minds. 

   “He of all people supports every single kid in this school. He cares for and watches over [the students], and is just one of the greatest teachers of all time,” Graham stated.

       Scaletta is at peace with his duties as he heads into retirement and has hobbies he intends to pursue following his stepping down. 

      “I will obviously miss a lot of things here but I also feel like it’s time to look for new adventures. I will probably expand on my two biggest hobbies, which are gardening and working out, and do some volunteer work around the area. Also, I’ve recently gotten back into music in my church.” 

  Scaletta hopes he is remembered for good, saying, “I think the most important thing is that I had good relationships with the students and with everybody here.”

    As far as Scaletta’s replacement, the school board is currently actively seeking candidates for the job.  They hope to have someone in place by April for Scaletta to train.