Meet the New Exchange Student


Emma Kulisek, Reporter

Could you imagine leaving your family to move to a new state let alone a new country with a different language? The new Junior exchange student, Tomas Nadra, left everyone he knew just to have the experience here. He is originally from Tucumán, Argentina and came to America six weeks ago.

Q: How are you adapting to this school academically?

A: Well, English and Calculus which are hard because the English language is new to me so it’s hard to understand the books we read sometimes. I am good at math but it’s hard to keep up with Calculus. I have two classes that I enjoy, like Anatomy and Civics and Economics because I am good at science. I enjoy Civics and Economics because the politics are very similar here and back home.

Q: Was it hard leaving your family?

A: Ah, no, not at all. I’m not a homesick type of person.

Q: Do you like it better in Pennsylvania or back home?

A: It’s hard to choose between two different countries. I’ve only been here a week, so I don’t know a lot about America. I have to choose Argentina. 

Q: What was your school like in your hometown?

A: It is pretty different than here because you don’t move from class to class, and you are with the same classmates. You stay in one classroom, and the teachers come to you for each class. Back in Argentina the grades don’t align and if I was back home I would be starting my senior year this March. 

Q: What is your favorite tradition back home?

A: I like to meet up with friends to hang out, like playing football and cards.

Q: What is your favorite food here and back home?

A: My favorite food back home is like a barbecue and here I have to say pizza.

Q: Would you recommend other students to become an exchange student? Why?

A: Yes because they would have experience here and you learn new things. Also you know more about the English language which is helpful.