The Big Mess: Why Are the Restrooms So Dirty?


Mallory Grucza

In the 100 hall restroom, a toilet paper holder is broken off and on the floor.

Mallory Grucza, Reporter

Throughout the school day, some students do not treat the restrooms with respect and damage them. These actions made by students result in unusable restrooms and it has become a struggle to find a decent restroom to use. At the beginning of the day, the restrooms are very clean, but at the end of the day, most of the restrooms are a disaster. Many students don’t think about the janitors that have to clean up their mess up at the end of the day. Students can’t rely on the janitors completely to clean up the mess during the school day, so how can students keep the restrooms clean?

When checked in the middle of the day, most girls’ restrooms had several toilets that were not flushed, sticky floors, and dirty sinks. Most of the restrooms smell bad, and most stalls open the wrong way. The person using the restroom has to flatten themself against the stall wall and pull the door towards them instead of pushing it away. There is not enough space in each stall to open the door easily.
Another problem with some restrooms is that they run out of toilet paper frequently. Senior Monica Garde said, “Sometimes during the middle of the day, we run out of toilet paper and I’ve had to text my friends.” Having issues with the restrooms is inevitable. Sometimes, the problems are out of the janitors’ control. They can’t be blamed for people not flushing the toilets or making a mess in the sink or on the floor.
The 500 hall restrooms are notorious for their mess. Upon investigation in the middle of the day, there were only two toilets that were flushed, and there was even a sandwich in the toilet. The next day, coffee was found in a girls’ toilet. A big problem is that one stall didn’t have a lock, so it was difficult to use. As far as permanent damage goes, there is no significant damage, but the main problem is that some girls do not treat the restroom with respect. Just as the girls’ restrooms are a mess, the boys’ restrooms aren’t great either, and at times reported worse.
The boys’ restrooms are not as messy, due to the fact that there are only one or two stalls in the restroom, but there is damage in the restrooms. Junior Gabe Williams checked the restrooms in the middle of the day and he found that most of the doors are hung poorly. There was a broken lock, broken toilet paper holder, and a toilet in the 500 hallway had a severely damaged seat. In the gym restroom, the toilet paper holder was unstable, and the coat hangers in the stalls were not usable. The toilets have flooded numerous times, especially in the 100 hallway. The walls and sink are cracked, and the restroom itself smells bad.
Freshman Sam Cain said, “If I could fix one thing in the bathroom, I would want something to automatically eliminate odor.” Most of the time, damage is done on purpose, and when asked if he thinks that the school as a whole can be more mature and fix these problems, Cain said, “I don’t think that people will be more mature. The problem is that Tito has to clean up the messes that we make, and it’s not fair to him.”
The Lancer Ledger used to even hang up a weekly bathroom bulletin called the Poop Scoop on bathroom stalls. Unfortunately, the papers would be found in toilets, on the ground, and urinated on. The Poop Scoop is no longer created due to these issues.
Everyone in the school needs to use the restrooms, so it is difficult to understand why people don’t have respect for the restrooms. The janitors have to clean up all of the mess at the end of the day, and it is hard to even imagine cleaning the restrooms. In the girls’ restroom, there tends to be more mess, like unflushed toilets and the occasional toilet paper on the floor, but in the boys’ restroom, there tends to be more permanent damage, like cracked sinks and cracked walls. Most of the time, it is difficult to find out who causes permanent damage in the restrooms, so not many people get punished. If students become more irresponsible, and not more mature, it will be nearly impossible to find a clean stall.