Pennsylvania Fishing Is Coming To a Full Spring

Gavin Smith, Reporter

Editor’s note: This article was finalized on March 12.  Please see PA Fish and Boat Commission at for more information about this year’s fishing season.

          As Spring is about to roll around the corner,  the fishing season is starting and rules, regulations, and available fishing times are coming into play.  While we need to focus on fishing itself we also need to follow the laws, some which are new and some which are old.

           For those who are 16, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) announced that fishing licenses went on sale on December 1st, 2019 and covered for thirteen months until December 31st of this year, 2020.  This was hoping to cut down lines for the beginning day of trout season (April 4th). The PFBC also requires that you wear your life jacket from November 1 of last year to April 30 this year, hoping to prevent Pneumonia from falling in the water.  Resident licenses this year are the same as last year $22.90 with the availability to get Lake Erie passes for $9.90.  

          If you are under 16 and would like to participate in Monitored Youth Trout Day (April 11) or Regional Monitored Trout Day for the southern counties on April 4th, you must purchase a Voluntary Youth Fishing Licence for $2.90 or a Monitored Youth Fishing Permit for free. Otherwise fishing is allowed on shore all year around if following rules and regulations (Keeping fish, etc.). For more information visit under Unlawful Acts & Fishing Violations in PA and under Tackle & Equipment Regulations in PA.  This site helps to locate trout streams, catch and release lakes, and free to fish days.

          The state of Pennsylvania encourages everyone, especially children, to get outside and fish. According to in the U.S. males ages  6 to 17 were participating in at least one activity 65% in 2016 and females of the same age group had 56% that had participated in at least one outdoor activity.  The Pennsylvania Government has made the Monitored Youth Trout Day to help get kids out and enjoy the sport and hobby of fishing and to get kids outside more often.  

           It takes no time to get out and enjoy beautiful lakes around the Tri-County Area, especially Lake Erie and Edinboro lake. All that is needed is a fishing rod and time. 


Upcoming dates: 

-Monitored Youth Trout Day (April 11)

-Sunfish, Yellow Perch, White Perch, Crappies, Catfish, Rock Bass, Suckers, Carp, White Bass, Bowfin and other gamefish (Open Year Round)

-First Day of Trout (April 18)